• Next Meeting of the Management Committee to be held on Thursday 11 August 2016.


  • Ilminster's renewed Fairtrade Town certificate was presented to the Town Council at Ilminster Fairtrade's Annual General Meeting, held on Monday 23rd May 2016.



Ilminster, the first Fairtrade Town

in South Somerset






With your help, our road signs might look like this quite soon!




Fairtrade Road Signs



We need to raise the money to pay for 5 of these signs, one for each of the entry roads to the town. Initial estimates suggest a cost per sign of about £250.00 and sponsors have already come forward for at least two, with the hope of at least one more in the pipeline.


Our ambition is to raise the remaining costs by public donation and fund raising events. Your help is vital.








Image used courtesy of SSDC and Deborah Johnson