We are a group of local volunteers who believe in making the world a fairer place.  Our small actions can make a big difference, and choosing Fairtrade is just one way in which we can help people and planet.


We would love to hear from anyone willing to become a supporter or join our committee.  Our annual AGM is an opportunity to find out more about who we are and what we do.  Current members of the management committee are:



Vacancy - Could this be you?
SecretaryNatalie Wainwright
TreasurerMichael Fry-Foley
Trader LiaisonVacancy - Could this be you?
Schools ChampionClaire Oaten
Worshipping Communities ChampionElspeth Waldie
Co-opted Town CouncillorCouncillor Val Keitch
 Councillor Philip Burton
Co-opted Chamber of Commerce MemberMichael Fry-Foley


More information about the roles and responsibilities of Committee Members