What you can do...




If you can, buy local, if you can't, buy Fairtrade.

Take a look at our list of local Fairtrade suppliers.  Join our Management Committee or volunteer to support events and activities throughout the year.



Stock or serve Fairtrade products and be listed in our Fairtrade Town leaflet and on the website.

What's in it for me? Take a look at our useful contacts list for details of what products to stock and how to source these, or obtain further support from our Trader Liaison representative.

Community Groups:


Serve Fairtrade

Why not use local suppliers to obtain Fairtrade tea, coffee and biscuits for your meetings or community events?  Perhaps use Fairtrade cleaning products or purchase some Fairtrade footballs.  Have a look at our list of businesses and organisations that already provide Fairtrade.



Provide Fairtrade

Explore how you could become a Fairtrade employer/business.  Contact us for more details.